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2.4GHz RF Wireless Handhold Mini Keyboard Combo (Mini mouse & keyboard)

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2.4GHz RF Wireless Handhold Mini Keyboard Combo (Mini mouse & keyboard)
2.4GHz RF Wireless handhold Combo(mini keyboard & mouse)Handhold 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboardInstruction 2.4GHz Handhold wireless keyboardMultimedia hot keys of wireless handhold keyboardUse handhold 2.4Ghz RF mini keyboard & mousewireless mini keyboard


[NOTE] This is an application of our 2.4G Hz RF wireless USB solution, functions are customized according to manufacturer’s requirements.
2.4GHz RF handhold rechargeable wireless mini keyboard & mouse (all in one)

2.4GHz RF Wireless handhold Combo(mini keyboard & mouse)

2.4GHz RF Wireless handhold Combo(mini keyboard & mouse)

2.4GHz  RF Wireless technology,
Effective control distance: 15m
Fashion style, only palm-size dimension

Tips: You may be customized to use ordinary keyboard and may feel a little not used to a handhold one, but it’s a really convenient neat tool

All-in-one (Keyboard & keyboard) with integrated functions
Normal keys with their positions like an ordinary keyboard, left & right keys of mouse and thumb-touchpad.(Optical Finger Navigation, OFN)

European style design and clipper-built, make people feel comfortable when holding.

Some hot prompt keys for multimedia or internet nevigation.
Personised keys make you could one-key to play video, listen music, read email or browse internet pages.

Snap dome keys have been test to last over 10million click-cycles in applications
Compare with silicone keyboard, snap dome keys have advantages on the reaction sensitivity, the touch and the working life.

Symbols on keys are laser-engraved and are UV sufaced, are guaranteed against fading.

Backlight designed keys
You can use this handhold keyboard & mouse in dark light, backlight shuts off when no actions in 2s and switch on when is on using, power is saved.

Built-in rechargeable high-storage battery
Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery provides enough power for 6-hour continuously working or for 3-month standby, a mini usb port for recharging power.

Smart method for saving power, aotumatically sleep when no actions for more than 10s.
Tips: The built-in battery is non-detachable

Very wide application
Supported OS: windows 98, windows2000, windowsXP, win7, Android and etc., a USB port is needed. It is a good pal of HTPC, Android smart TV, PC, Car TV, Android Box , all in all, our handhold keyboard can be perfectly used to those equipments to which ordinary keyboard can be used.

Smart Handhold Keyboard
Nano receiver
Recharging Voltage
Builtin 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
2.4GHz RF Wireless
Standard Assebmlies
Handhold Keyboard, Nano receiver, USB connector, Instruction Manual
Effective Distance
switch with LED indicator

Status Instructor

Multi-functional LED instructor, show status of “On using”, “Recharging”, “Low voltage”, “100% power” and “Fn”. (Twinkling = Effective input, No reaction = Invalid input, Red light when on recharging while blue light is on means rechargement finished)

Fn Shift Function

Support Fn input status shift, red lighting means white symbols printed on the keys can be inputted while blue lighting means blue symbols printed on the keys can be inputted.


MCE multimedia controller

Compatibility with Win7 media center, pressing MCE key to enter Win7 media control center.

Multimedia hot keys of wireless handhold keyboard

Multimedia hot keys of wireless handhold keyboard

Sleep key

Press this key to make keyboard sleep, this is a standby status.

Thumb-Touchpad (OFN)

Mouse cursor moves on PC screen while you thumb moves on this OFN, this is like the touchpad of laptop.

To open tasks panel.

Back to desktop / Input “.com”

Input “www.” /Start Email

Open “My Computer” / Open IE browser.


Handhold 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard

Handhold 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard








Instruction 2.4GHz Handhold wireless keyboard

Instruction 2.4GHz Handhold wireless keyboard


Use handhold 2.4Ghz RF mini keyboard & mouse

Use handhold 2.4Ghz RF mini keyboard & mouse

Maybe the best mate of your HTPC

Normal keyboard and OFN integrated, you may operate HTPC at home freely, multimedia keys and 9 customized A/V keys makes you play and enjoy A/V freely. The MCE key on the top right realized one-key to Win7 media center, make your amusement wireless, convenient and happy.

Based on Andriod Os, Apps on Andriod Box and smart TV

Integrated handhold keyboard and mouse cursor moving functions, you may browse web, watch Videos, listen music, chat online freely. For the different brand and system among TV sets, our handhold keyboard cann’t substitute for the TV’s remoter completely, now, TV sets have their own remote controller with infrared functions,but even this, handhold keyboard still has its own powerful advantages, when log into Andriod system, conveniency and user experience of handhold keyboard would be better tah the TV set’s own infrared remote controller.

As a new internet terminal, Andriod box (Internet Set Top Box) has its powerful internet app functions, working with your smart TV and pairing with a handhold keyboard, a really perfect home life!

Application on projector

Projector presentation is widely used on lectures, trainings and many commercial actions, with this handhold keyboard you can operate your projector wirelessly and freely, it’s really a powerful tool!!

Family Cinima

With handhold wireless keyboard you may experence your own family cinima, family members enjoy playing games, browsing webpage or watching movies.

Application on Car Computer

Ordinary keyboard and mouse seem to be very cumbersome for the small space in car, a palm-size wireless handhold keyboard maybe is your best choice.

wireless mini keyboard

wireless mini keyboard

We also provide 2.4G Hz Wireless RF PCBA for manufacturers or designers to produce their own mini keyboard or remote wireless controller-like products, we can design for customized functions

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