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2.4GHz RF wireless combo of mouse and earphone & microphone [2-in-1 wireless combo]

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2.4GHz RF wireless combo of mouse and earphone & microphone [2-in-1 wireless combo]
[2-in-1]Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse combo[2-in-1]Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse comboWireless earphone & microphone and mouse combo


Application of our 2.4GHz RF wireless USB solution, 2.4GHz RF wireless combo of mouse and earphone & microphone for computer, one USB dongle(USB receiver) for multi devices.

This maybe is the best combo set for your laptop PC

Do you feel troublesome for applying many usb plug-in equipments with the limited usb ports ? Do you wanna use wireless products to replace the wired ones which you are using? and worry about if the quantity of usb port are enough or if mutual interference occurs among the wireless equipments?

2.4GHz RF wireless combo of mouse and earphone & microphone

2.4GHz RF wireless combo of mouse and earphone & microphone

Now, it’s not a problem of thesee, this solution can solve your annoyance perfectly!

New concept designWireless combo of microphone, earphone and mouse
–2.4GHz Hi-Fi, withe effective distance of 10m
–RF 3.0 standard, DIY your smart wireless in you life

Creative technology makes our product meet to user’s personal requirements.
We use a new 2.4GHz RF wireless technology(RF 3.0) instead of traditional technology which was a one-to-one mode (one transmitter to one receiver), a single Nano receiver can receive and process singals transmited from multi equipments.

Smart power-saving technology
—–There is a switch on the bottom for manually shut off the power.To save power, the mouse would automatically power off if the PC were shut off or the USB receiver were pulled out from PC.

Nano plug-in style
—The nano receiver, a very small receiver, can be plugged in the mouse, this makes the mouse and it’s nano be paired correctly.

Precisely optical tracking method
—–Precisely optical engine is adopted, makes a more precise positioning and tracking, 2.4GHz wireless with 10m effective controlling distance, error correction function, no delay loading data and strong anti-interference ability.

RF3.0 wireless technology saves your PC resource and your desk space
Our 2-in-1 combo
1.) Only one nano receiver needed for the two equipments
2.) That means only one of your PC USB port needed.
3.) No mutual interference, for only one wireless receiver is using.
4.) No need to pair code between receiver and transmiter, plug and play
5.) Wireless mouse and wireless earphone&microphone can be used separately or can be used at the same time.

40mm Hi-Fi loudspeaker, very good scale of mids and highs.

Hidden-style microphone—–Built-in Hi-Fi microphone, with high quality vocal pickup, makes you fluently chat with your friends by MSN or Skype.

Specially designed to be retractable and rotatable, you can adjust it easily.
—-Max retractable length:50mm
—-Max rotatable angle: 100 degree.
The two earphones are with their around rim to enclose your ears to isolate noises from outside

Built-in chargeable lithium battery
—The battery normally works for 6 hours when fully recharged.(The working time would change according personal using, such as volumn,)

Automatic electric breaking design
—-The earphone will automatically power off if no any audio output for 30 mins to save power.

Wireless remote control functions
—-2.4GHz bidirectional data transfers, remote control volumn and remote select the playing song.

Changeable DPI
——3 DPIs (800, 1200, 1600) for chosen by clicking the DPI button on mouse, changes your mouse’s moving speed on your pc screen to meet your requirement.

1) Plug Nano receiver to PC USb port
2)Load a AAA battery into mouse
3)Switch on the power of mouse and earphone & microphone, now working

Earphone & microphone parameters:

2.4G wireless earphone & microphone
Nano Weight
Earphone Frequency
RF Frequcncy
Transmitter Working Voltage
Speaker Impedance
Microphone Impedance
Modulation Methods
Working Voltage
Net Weight
Microphone Frequency
Transmitting Power
Built-in lithium battery, for 6 hours working
Effective controlling distance


Wireless Mouse Parameters

Product Wireless mouse(Black)
Keys Left key, middle key, right key and CPI(DPI)key.
DPI 800/1200/1600, adjustable DPI
Frequency 2.4GHz RF
Port USB port
Mouse switch Yes
Controlling Distance 10M
N.W. 52g
Power a AAA battery
Power Saving 4 smart sleep modes. No action, class I sleep, no receiver and deep sleep
Dimension 65×95×35mm

Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse combo “][2-in-1]Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse combo


[caption id="attachment_165" align="alignleft" width="580" caption="[2-in-1"]Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse combo “][2-in-1]Wireless earphone, microphone and mouse combo [/caption]
Wireless earphone & microphone and mouse combo

2.4G Hz RF Wireless earphone & microphone and mouse combo

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